Friday, March 30, 2012

Would Winning the Lottery Change Your Life?

Life is full of chances. Last I heard, the Megamillions Lottery is up to over $540,000,000 and climbing. Like a lot of folks, I’ll drive across the state line into Tennessee and take a chance, get a few tickets. And then I’ll spend some time dreaming about how that money would change my life.

Most of us writers juggle other work—a job and/or managing a household and family—along with our writing. I was asked at work this week, if I won the lottery, would I resign from my job? Without hesitation, I said, “In a heartbeat.” Not that I don’t like my job. But it’s not my dream.

They (whoever the mysterious ‘they’ are) say, “Money can’t buy happiness.” That’s no doubt true, but I’d love the opportunity to test that theory. How would winning the lottery change my life? Like most folks, I’d pay off all my bills. I’d have some very happy family members and friends who would benefit, as well. But my real dream? That would be to find a big house somewhere on the east coast along the shore and open a writer’s retreat. I already have a few friends lining up to be live-in cook, housekeeper, office manager, driver—anything to get in on the dream. So I have my staff in place.

Of course, I’d have to purchase about a dozen more Kindles because one wouldn’t hold nearly the number of books I’d buy. (Maybe I’d just buy Amazon and be done with it.)

Not everyone is a gambler or buys lottery tickets. I realize that. And, no, there are things in life that money cannot buy, things that are precious to us. But for those of you who do take a gamble, I wonder—How would winning a huge lottery change your life?

I took a chance entering Love, Sam into the EPIC eBook Awards. And I won! It can happen.

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Linda Rettstatt
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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

You tickle the imagination. 540 mil is too much. It would alter my lifestyle and alienate me from my friends. Did you know one out of three winners goes bankrupt?

A booster shot in the bank account would be nice, but 540, mil is an obscene temptation to disaster.

January Bain said...

Loved your book Reinventing Christmas, Linda!

Yeah, I'd give up my day job in a heartbeat for far less than that kind of money! I sometimes wear myself out teaching, writing and promoting. (Well, more than "sometimes".)

Like all dedicated writers, the craft is absolutley wonderful and yet humanly difficult.

Big Mike said...

Funny you should post this. My wife made me stop on way back from store to get ticket and I commented it wouldn't change my life at all. I have what I want. Know it sounds like BS but I'd end up giving away about 80% of my share to organizations I don't have the free cash to do now. IOW, I agree that, at our stage in golden years, life flows away from material goods to other things that in the long run are more important.

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year, (2008 and 2009)

Allison Knight said...

I'm not going there. Fla is about 60 miles away but I'm not bothering with a single lottery ticket. My odds are better at a casino.

linda_rettstatt said...

I just stood in line behind fifteen other would-be millionaires to get my ticket. And tomorrow, I'll get up, make my own coffee, and get to work on my wip. But it's fun to dream about the possibilities--whether changing careers, building houses, or giving away cash.

linda_rettstatt said...

Thanks, January.

Jude Johnson said...

I don't buy lottery tickets. I'm much more into the instant gratification that $1 worth of M&Ms provides than playing the lottery. But if I somehow won a bunch of money, I honestly think I'd give most of it away after I made some home repairs and paid bills. I don't need much, my son will appreciate his education more if he has to earn it, and big money brings its own set of big problems. I'd rather have the chocolate and/or a cup of coffee.

Still, an interesting scenario to think, "What if...?"


Ramona Butler said...

Nevada runs on gambling, yet we don't have a lottery. So when hubby & I left yesterday for an overnighter to CA (where they do have the lottery) we told ourselves to buy a ticket or two. Got back to NV a couple of hours ago, looked at each other, and said "Hey, we forgot to buy lottery tickets." Guess all that money wasn't important enough for us to remember. Good blog, Linda.

linda_rettstatt said...

Well, I'm not a multi-millionaire tonight. BUT--I got my EPIC eBook Award in the mail today. And that is something money could not buy.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Good post, Linda. We don't do the lottery, although I don't blame anyone who does. The only reason I'd like lots of money is so I could give most of it away! I get seriously angry about the obscene amounts for one win (in the UK and Europe too) - why can't they split the millions between lots of winners to share it out?

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