Sunday, November 18, 2012

A State of Vegetation...

Finishing a book—or two—which also includes short stories and scratching out plot outlines for future tales, takes an almighty toll on your brain. I hadn’t realized just how much until just recently.

For the last year, I’ve been neck deep, immersed in writing, plotting, and basically creating a new ‘world’ for my characters to exist in. Aside from all that, I’ve been having lengthy conversations with them (as we all do as writers) and getting to know them—quirks and bad habits and all—even taking them out to dinner to wine and dine them and see how they act interact socially. For the past year, it’s been all about them. It still is, but having completed their debutante’s ball for the world to see, I find myself thoroughly exhausted with the very thought of writing something (aside from this post).

I believe I’ve burnt out a few brain cells. So, time for a recharge—I’m taking a mental vacation, like a well-deserved break after long hours of toiling work.

This doesn’t mean I’ve completely stopped writing. I’ve numerous ideas roaming around in my head, aligning themselves and shaping into perfect little plot bubbles. But the motivation to put thoughts to words is lacking.

So what am I doing instead? Vegetating. How? By playing an endless succession of games, watching more TV than I usually do (Fall season isn't too bad, just saying), and intentionally creating vacuous space between my ears so I can blank out from constructive thoughts. I’m even enjoying…(can’t believe I’m admitting this)…cooking!

But fear not! Since my ‘enforced’ break, I’ve come up with two plot lines for future stories, which are taking on a nice voluptuous shape and an irresistible wink that’s doing all sorts of teasing things to catch my attention. I’m sure most of you know what I mean. Of course, there’s no point rushing into things, right? So until my mind decides it’s time to dust off the keyboard and flex my fingers, I’ll just continue with a tried and trusted method of vegetation.

What about you? What do you do to recharge the creative batteries in your brain? I’d love to know.

T.K. Toppin


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Vegetation doesn't do it for me. But getting out with friends and playing Duplicate Bridge "face time" gets me pondering plots.

I used to leave my plots at the bridge game; now I get my plots from the bridge game.

Big Mike said...

Think its rough now? Try it with a brain that was pickled by chemo.

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