Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hair Conditioner and Garage Door Openers

Are you curious what the correlation is between conditioner and garage door openers? On facebook we’ve been playing 30 days of thankfulness. Each day we list something we are thankful for. I’m pretty sure most of us are thankful for our families including the fur babies, our homes, food, and our jobs. I said most of us! But I want to hear about some of the little things that you are thankful for. The things we usually take for granted.

That’s where hair conditioner and garage door openers come in. I live in Wisconsin with lots of humidity and without conditioner my hair is a rat’s nest. Again, I live in Wisconsin and a garage door opener is a necessity about six months out of the year. I am thankful for so many little things that make my life easier and more enjoyable. For example, I’m thankful for fabric softner and pet brushes.

How about you? What little things are you thankful for?

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Katya Starkey said...

I'm thankful for my netbook. It's only little, but it means I can get my fiction writing done faster than by hand.

Big Mike said...

Given I'm bald, its sure not hair conditioner (g)

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Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I'm thankful for spellchecker and ypu all should be thankful I use it!

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Oops, just a bad example.